offensive complaints

“This blog is offense”

So?  Your offense at this blog offense me.  Stalemate?  Checkmate?

“I am offended and will report this blog to my local thought police regime”

It doesn’t seem like you live in a happy place.  Would you like to review all my posts/pages/emails for offensiveness?  Sure, have at, and I’ll change nothing.  While you wait please try



“How can I offensively complain?”

You’re on the right track so far arent’t you?


“Fuck you and your right to express yourself”

Yeah, fuck the constitution?  The 2nd amendment protects OFFENSIVE speech.

Please take a moment to catalog all that offends you here and tell me about it.  I’ll be sure to give it the attention it justly deserves.


“I’d like to discuss something you posted with which I find myself in disagreement”

Yes, civil discourse is welcomed and encouraged from those with differing opinions.






civil replies welcomes all else trashed one way or another

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