Your mycroft plugin or search bar engine default ought be set to not only SSL but also POST

Avoiding being raped begins with search parameters:

avoiding rape begins here with search parameters

In firefox searches are properly executed here (Control + K) using mycroft plugins.  Other interweb browsers, like chromium the less get raped google offering, might rely on cookie state or extension.  If you are using google chrome don’t even bother with this advice as you are on google’s full time rape you rack.

The result of the duck duck go setting use SSL and POST

my privacy being raped 2 URL unmolested by interweb predator

is NOT shown in the address bar.  It only is shown to the searcher as per expected elsewise

raping my privacy  3 result of search

It does not matter a lick that “improved” google employs SSL as the search uses GET to show search terms in the URL intentionally to share with those who buy into google’s systematic rape of viewers for money