you wouldn’t participate in your ass being raping why participate in raping of your privacy?



Not feeling raped does not mean you have not been raped.

paid to rape

Accidental rape is the province of “privacy” policies wherein your privacy is respected until it can be sold at a profit to someone even more vile

Break out your dictionary

  • rape is never acceptable
  • free = without ANY cost
  • the interweb was great before assholes “deserving” payment

If you don’t want your “precious” website to be seen don’t place it in the public sphere.

If you want to be paid for what you allege is content:  CHARGE for it up front.

Why don’t whining assholes complaining about adblock CHARGE UP FRONT?  Because they don’t want the free market to reveal no one gives a fuck about their opinion.  They would rather delude themselves while abusing people who are familiar with a dictionary and have at least a nine year old vocabulary

  • raping my privacy:  IS a kind of rape
  • third party ads = NOT free = a cost
  • rape =…

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rainman, this isn’t “fucking spamming,” ye garrulous fop: ridding the world of malware one person at a time through education is a community service oughtright charity


Drawing distinctions between an OS and a kernel

Nor is helping someone complaining of basic functionality with a suggestion to use

not fucking spamming you halfwit



rainman’s drivelous palavering blog, however, ought not draw comment on his own large dark kettle of irony broth

stream of alledged conciousness blathering rain coasting


With lexical deficiencies aglow rainman conflates ‘spam’ with ‘I don’t much care for this’.


What passes for moderation (after no chiding glaring backseat moderation) is sad commentary on death of netiquette.



how do I have more people view my blog, a support question addressed



> how to gain readership or

People and companies invest millions of dollars to research this. People with similar interests will/might find you and especially so if they are trapped in a bubble as they are using google interweb search or worse using google’s falsely alleged free properties

Do also take a quick peruse through interweb tracking

Both sites are free in the classical sense, without cost, so there are no [evil] third party hosted ads. Both sites do promote use of duck duck go interweb search engine.

> [how do I] know if my views are adequate

Your views are your own by construction. They are adequate if they coincide with truth.



Your ISP need not know for what you seek:

Your mycroft plugin or search bar engine default ought be set to not only SSL but also POST…

Your ISP need not know for what you seek

Your mycroft plugin or search bar engine default ought be set to not only SSL but also POST

Avoiding being raped begins with search parameters:

avoiding rape begins here with search parameters

In firefox searches are properly executed here (Control + K) using mycroft plugins.  Other interweb browsers, like chromium the less get raped google offering, might rely on cookie state or extension.  If you are using google chrome don’t even bother with this advice as you are on google’s full time rape you rack.

The result of the duck duck go setting use SSL and POST

my privacy being raped 2 URL unmolested by interweb predator

is NOT shown in the address bar.  It only is shown to the searcher as per expected elsewise

raping my privacy  3 result of search

It does not matter a lick that “improved” google employs SSL as the search uses GET to show search terms in the URL intentionally to share with those who buy into google’s systematic rape of viewers for money